How to become a perfect lover?

Scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of penis enlargement pills

You can increase your penis size by 2.5 in – it has already been proved. Without surgery, without pain, without leaving the house. Scientists from Philadelphia have confirmed the effectiveness of penis enlargement pills. No more shame. One pill is enough to satisfy every woman you want and become a master of sexual play.

Can you imagine these passionate nights of sex which drive your dream woman crazy? You rise to the challenge time after time. You have powerful possibilities to give your woman the deepest and strongest feelings of sexual pleasure...

Admiration in her eyes. Her warm, still shivering body. She whispers in a hot voice that this is the best sex in her life. You are bursting with pride... Would you like to be among the 2.13% of men who spend every night like this? They have already enlarged their penis with the pills and have incredible sexual performance.

Studies explain the effectiveness of pills

Oral penis enlargement products work for every man – it has already been confirmed. Martin Jeffey and Tim Shanon carried out a four-year long laboratory study on sexual performance enhancement pills. They proved it was possible to increase the penis size by 2,5 in in a natural and non-invasive way. What determines such impressive results?

“Active substances in the researched pills boost the blood flow in the penis and improve the absorptivity of cavernous bodies and the spongy body. Tests have confirmed that enhanced blood supply increases the volume of vessels in the penis even 8 times. Penis chambers grow and tissues swell, which results in permanently lengthening and enlarging the penis.”

- Martin Jeffey, co-author of the studies, urologist with 18 years of experience

An important conclusion drawn from the studies is the confirmation that the size increase is permanent and remains also after completion of the treatment.

This is a totally natural process for your body – dilated chambers maintain their increased size to accommodate more blood which makes the penis hard. Do you already know now why, in addition to enlargement, you will also observe an improved erection and quality of sexual sensations?

Effects confirmed by men

One part of the studies included an experiment which results were presented at the medical conference in Louisiana. Scientists tested Penirium among 50 men aged 24-65 years. The experiment lasted 3 months. Volunteers went for comprehensive medical check-ups every 7 days. Even the scientists were impressed by the regularly recorded results, which are presented in the chart below.

The studies showed that the average penis size increase after 3 months of the Penirium treatment was 2 in.

It happens that the final effect after Penirium treatment is not 2,5 in, but 1,5 – 2 in. What does it depend on?

“The main effect of the pills consists in increasing the blood flow in the penis. Therefore, lower effectiveness may be observed e.g. in habitual smokers or people with advanced cardiovascular diseases – the penis size may increase by 0,5 – 1 in less than expected.”

- Tim Shanon, co-author of the studies, sexologist with 12 years of experience

Healthy enlargement

The studies carried out by scientists from Philadelphia were appreciated by the U.S. Ministry of Health. The men were awarded a prestigious prize, which definitely dispelled doubts of the most ardent sceptics. Unfortunately, the scientists’ success tempted also dishonest traders to sell cheaper, inefective substitutes.

In England Penirium tested by scientists is available only online. You can try to find another equally effective product. Remember, however, that sexologists warn against purchasing products of unknown origin, which can be dangerous for your health. The more sensible you are when choosing the right pills for you, the faster you will become a perfect lover.

BEWARE of ineffective substitutes!

Products of unknown origin can be dangerous for your health.
In England the original product tested by scientists can only be purchased via the manufacturer’s official website
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  • magdalenwrote:


    ohhh 2,5in more, I fell into a reverie I must admit :D:D

  • nor78wrote:


    don’t believe that the size doesn’t matter to women. It does, ENORMOUSLY. hats off to those guys who investigate and discover such things :) I don’t need them now, but in some time I’ll try them, I’ve nothing to lose. cheers

  • asia_kwrote:


    if all men started taking such pills, then maybe our disappointments in the bedroom would end ;] let’s face it guys – sometimes nature needs a little help ;P

  • ThomasPwrote:


    I used enlargement pills six months ago and I can confirm that the effect still remains the same. in my case 1.5 in

  • Larrywrote:


    I think I’ll surprise my wife in the near future :D I can’t wait her reaction ;)

  • Oscarwrote:


    from anatomical point of view, this is nothing new and nothing complicated. In the West such pills have been serving guys for a long time and nobody’s ashamed that they take them, they even boast about it because that means their penis is large now!

  • susanwrote:


    I wouldn’t have anything against if my boyfriend underwent such treatment… but how to subtly suggest it?? ehh

  • victorwrote:


    has anybody tried it ?

  • Steel9wrote:


    the truth is that some men could use enlargement, but guys have an inflated EGO instead of enlarged genitals and don’t want to admit it ;] they prefer deceiving themselves that everything’s OK, but I wonder how long their partner will stand it ;)

  • leoowrote:


    2.5 in is more than some guys have at all haha well, medicine works wonders :D

  • paul_88wrote:


    the bigger, the better ;P I’m waiting for the courier, my woman will be awestruck :D

  • Andrewwrote:


    everyone dreams of a larger penis but not everyone will admit it!

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