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    How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

    Potency deterioration is a huge problem for every man. It affects his sense of masculinity, causes fear of future intercourses and takes away his self-confidence. What influences a man’s ability to get or keep an erection? Learn about the most common causes and care for your sexual performance today.

    Sexual performance deteriorates, especially when you turn 40 years old. Nevertheless, the problem is becoming more frequent also among young people. It is estimated that as many as 100 million men throughout the world face problems with having a satisfying sex life.


    Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical (physiological) and psychological problems. Regardless of the source of the problems, it is worth undertaking treatment as often as possible to regain your sexual performance. To get and keep an erection, efficient blood flow into the penis is necessary. Therefore, the main enemies of sexual performance include:

    * atherosclerosis
    * diabetes
    * cardiovascular diseases
    * hypertension.

    To prevent these diseases, it is worth modifying your everyday life diet slightly. Too much fatty food contributes to problems with your heart and cardiovascular system. If you want to enjoy a satisfactory sex life for a long time, avoid fast food and empty calories.

    Maintaining proper hormonal balance is also important in getting a full erection. In the case of men, sexual performance is influenced mainly by testosterone. Its deficiency can have a negative impact on sexual performance, lowering your sex drive and inhibiting your sexual arousal.


    Psyche plays an equally important role in erectile dysfunction. Even ordinary tiredness or current problems in your relationship have an impact on difficulties obtaining a full erection. Such problems are usually temporary and disappear when your mood improves. It is worse when a man suffers from depression or persistent anxious states. Problems with an erection very often occur as a result of unsuccessful sexual initiation. The fear of intercourse, of not satisfying your partner, and of failing to prove to be a man also have a negative impact on your sexual performance. These types of mentally-mediated problems should be solved with the use of suitable treatment, often with the participation of your partner.


    Apart from physical diseases and mental disorders, there are also factors which strongly decrease your sexual performance, and often irreversibly. They mainly include addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, medicines or steroids. Changes in the body caused by addictions often result in permanent impotence. The earlier you eliminate harmful stimulants from your life, the longer you will enjoy satisfactory sexual performance.

    Size does not matter. Really?

    Discussions about the size of the penis and its impact on a successful sex life are still ongoing. Men prefer to think that the size does not matter. Women are afraid to admit that they dream of a man with a big penis. We deceive on each other, or maybe the size of the penis really does not have an impact on the quality of our sex life? Learn about the facts and myths about the size of the penis.

    1. The bigger the penis, the more pleasure for a woman

    Opinions on this issue have been divided for a long time. Meanwhile, scientists confirm that to fully satisfy your partner, the thickness of the penis is more important than its length. Researchers also emphasise that the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first 1 3/16" - 2 in. The size of the penis influences the quality of your sex life, but it is connected with the sphere of the psyche. A big penis is associated with more power, masculinity, and the resulting greater possibilities to satisfy your partner. It makes a man more self-confident and reassures a woman that she has chosen a well-equipped lover. Such attitudes facilitate a satisfactory sex life.

    2. The average penis length is 3 5/32" - 3,5" at rest and 6 19/64" - 7" at erection

    First of all, the average size of the penis is, as the name suggests, average. Thus, the given size does not mean that every man should have a penis of length indicated by the average. Secondly – no world average exists. Every nationality is different in this respect. Asians are famous for small penises, whereas African people boast about the largest ones. European men are somewhere in the middle. The average length often develops complexes in those men whose penis is shorter than ‘average’. This is unnecessary. It is worth remembering that the length at rest is often not connected with the length at erection. Some men’s penis can be 2 in long at rest, but 5 29/32" - 6 19/64" long at erection. There are also men with 2" in at rest, yet, at erection their penis just gets harder, but not longer!

    3. The length of the penis of an adult man changes with age

    That is true. When you turn 50 years old, the penis can shrink slightly and get shorter. Nevertheless, these differences are not huge and are usually around 0,5 in. Tissues, muscles and the skin are not as elastic as they used to be. At puberty, the penis volume also increases, but the growth stops at around 18 years old. In adult men the size of the penis can change only temporarily, depending on external factors. The penis shrinks under low temperature, stress or fear. However, in a healthy man this is a temporary state and does not make the penis smaller permanently.

    4. The penis may not fit your partner’s organs

    Although the vagina is stretchy and flexible, a very short penis can ‘get lost’ in there, whereas a too long penis can hit the cervix. Sexual inadequacy happens rarely and is caused by pathologies in the anatomy of genital organs. Yet, it is possible. A long and thick penis does not always mean a successful sex life. If a woman has a small build, a lot of positions will probably be painful for her. Sexual inadequacy is a perfect example showing that the size DOES matter. To achieve sexual pleasure, in turn, technique is much more important than the size of the penis.

    4 methods to enlarge your penis

    A lot of men have complexes about the size of their penis. No matter what equipment you have, you must have thought at least once that it could be bigger. No wonder – the penis is the symbol of power and masculinity. The larger it is, the greater the pride of its owner. There are a few methods to lengthen and thicken your penis – what should you know about them?

    1. Penis enlargement surgery

    One of the most common, but also a very risky method. Penis enlargement surgery consists, first and foremost, in using its part ‘hidden’ under the skin. It is also possible to cut the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone or inject implants. The purpose of all these methods is to enlarge the penis, yet, they are often connected with future difficulties in keeping an erection. Additionally, surgical intervention is very expensive and requires a longer break from intercourse until the genitals heal completely.

    2. Weights and push-ups

    Vacuum penis pumps and weights, classified as ‘domestic’ methods, enjoy great popularity due to their availability and possibility to conduct the ‘procedure’ on one’s own. Weights consist in hanging weights on the penis – their task is to extend and gradually lengthen your penis. As far as vacuum penis pumps are concerned, you put your penis inside and then pump until it is filled with enough blood. These types of procedures result in an impaired penis, inflammations and erectile dysfunction much more often than in spectacular enlargement.

    3. Hormones and steroids

    The most dangerous penis enlargement method. These substances that allegedly influence the impressive enlargement of your genitals are very often contaminated by lead, pesticides or the E. coli bacteria. Hormonal products should not be used for any purpose without prior consultation with a specialist. Taking steroids or hormones can result in circulatory system disorders, heart attack, or even death. What is more, there are no studies confirming the effectiveness of this particularly risky method!

    4. Tablets and pills

    A cheap, safe and easily accessible method, which has been gaining more and more popularity also in England. Penis enlargement tablets contain mixtures of natural herbs and plants, as well as spices which improve the blood flow in the lower parts of the body. Additionally, the latest studies confirm that the enlargement effect obtained after using tablets is permanent and this state is maintained after completion of the treatment. The most effective pills can increase the size of the penis even by 2,5 – 2 3/4 in, with any surgical intervention or the necessity to abstain from intercourse.